Quality for Generations

Being a second generation family business, KM Concept has developed premium quality light installations for more than 35 years. Today we are proud to be amongst the leading companies in our industry all over Europe. To ensure the exceptional quality of our products we solely rely on premium materials as well as tried and tested production processes:

LED Lighting

long-lasting and energy-efficient
with an impressive quality of light

Stainless Steel Frames

100% recyclable and resistant to corrosion
with a timeless aesthetic

Electrostatic Paintwork

even and
sustainable color result

The proven satisfaction of our long-standing customers reinforces our quality centered approach, and encourages us to continually optimize the products we offer. Our history also proves that behind a successful company stands a family with strong cohesion. Ours is happy to work with you!

Light Artists in the Limelight

Behind the scenes everybody plays their part in order to ensure the success of a project. Below you find a short introduction to your points of contact within the firm, so that you have the opportunity to meet us virtually, even before the first personal meeting:

Thomas Sonderegger



In his position as CEO Thomas is not only responsible for the logistics of the production process and quality control, but is also happy to help when it comes to sales.



Portrait Thomas Sonderegger

Stefan-Johannes Hofer

Head of Sales


Due to his extensive experience in the industry Stefan is your competent point of contact for all matters christmas. He is primarily responsible for clients in Austria and Germany.



Portrait Stefan-Johannes Hofer

Mitja Knuplez



Mitja develops and implements concepts in an uncomplicated and cost-efficient manner. He is happy to help you concerning requests for the Eastern European region.



Portrait Mitja Knuplez

Marie Theres Huber



Having gained professional experience internationally, Marie Theres has a profound understanding of markets outside of the german speaking world. Therefore, she is your ideal point of contact for these regions.



Portrait Marie Theres Huber

Klaudia Körver & Hermann Muster



Klaudia and Hermann founded the company in 1985, and thereby laid the foundation for KM Concept in its current form. Being valued advisors, they have remained an integral part of the firm.

„The joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the magic of the holidays.“ – W. C. Jones

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