City of Leoben

Overall City Concept

Being the second biggest city in the federal state of styria Leoben does not only attract visitors from its geographical surroundings, but is also a much liked destination for tourists. The main square with its christmas village is particularly inviting during this time. Our overall city concept did not only include lighting for said christmas village, but also aims to bring christmas spirits to the rest of the city.

Upon request of the city management, the main square, however, is the focus point of this concept. The contours of the surrounding houses are decorated with our LED Easy4Quick® Fascinating String, as well as the stands of the christmas market. In addition the the pole motifs we designed for the street lamps on the main square the city’s christmas tree also bursts with light: lovingly hand-wrapped in our LED Easy4Quick® String.

The street concept is simple, yet vivid, and lives on the different sky and pole motifs, as well as the framing of the building contours. The overall concept is expanded on a yearly basis, which continually creates new points of interest at different places throughout the city.

LED Easy4Quick® Fascinating String


Our LED Easy4Quick® Fascinating String is the ideal product to illuminate house facades! It is the perfect match when it comes to framing the contours of a building, given its great amount of points of light.



Graphische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® Fascinating String

LED Easy4Quick® String


Our LED Easy4Quick® Stirng has a multitude of use cases: illuminating a natural tree, being part of a pole motif, or else!



Graphische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® String

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