Citypark Graz

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Being one of the biggest malls in the City of Graz, the Citypark attacts thousands of visitors every day. To increase its attractiveness during christmas time even further we were asked to develop a concept for their interior & exterior lighting.

Considering the geometric shapes of its exterior architecture the Citypark is the ideal object to be accentued with drape light. Both the illumination of its dome as well as the facade of the cube are visible from afar, and create curiosity to have a closer look at this spectacle.

For the interior we decided to go with a mixture of different 3D objects in combination with adorned christmas trees and classical elements of light. Thereby, a walk through the mall invites to take a breather during a shopping day in one of the many festive seating areas. Various 3D objects also serve as the perfect backdrop for a nice pre-chirstmas social media snapshot.

Premium Cone Christmas Tree


A true evergreen: our Premium Cone Christmas Tree is available in different sizes and can be fitted with decoration at your discretion.


12 m

other sizes available on request

Visualisierung des Premium Cone Christmas Tree

LED Easy4Quick® Curtain Indoor


Our LED Easy4Quick® Curtain Indoor is the ideal product when it comes to the illumination of handrails or glazed surface areas in the interior of a building.



Graphische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® Curtain Indoor

LED Easy4Quick® Curtain


We also chose our LED Easy4Quick® Curtain in this project to illuminated the glazed facade of the office cube.



Graphische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® Curtain

LED Easy4Quick® Ice


We decided to try a new take on a classical sky of lights with our LED Easy4Quick® Ice. The different lenghts of the individial segments result in an extra sparkly effect!



Graphische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® Ice

LED Easy4Quick® String


For the full coverage of the office cube our LED Easy4Quick® String was used to produce a tailor-made curtain, spanning the entire building.



Graphische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® String

LED Easy4Quick® Rope


To create further highlights inbetween our LED Easy4Quick® String elements made out of LED Easy4Quick® Rope were placed to further loosen up the overall effect.



Graphische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® Rope

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