Municipality Feldkirchen

Overall City Concept

We were asked to conceptualize a modern version of classical christmas lighting for the municipality of Feldkirchen in order to create Points of Interest for visitors during christmas time. This customized solution did not only include tailor-made sky and pole motifs, but also integrated 2D and 3D objects into the overall picture.


When it comes to a city concept in the traditional sense it is of utmost importance to consider the local requirements. That is why we decided to specifically design and produce sky motifs to fit the sometimes narrow streets of the destination. Kept entirely in a classy tone of warmwhite the christmas lighting further emphasizes the already elegant appearance of the municipality.

Star-shaped archways constructed in 2D and 3D were chosen as eye-catchers for the overall concept, giving the decorations that certain something. Different sizes were chosen in order to fit the archways proportionally to their later location and purpose.

Archway Star 3D


Positioned at the city entrance as well a the town square our Archway Star 3D could not be missed – even from afar.



KMC Star 3D


Our KMC Star 3D is the perfect fit as the center piece for any sky motif. For this project we chose a diameter of 70 cm.



LED Easy4Quick® Rope


Our LED Easy4Quick® Rope surrounds the outlines of both, the 2D star-shaped archways and the sky motifs. This creates an elegant contrast to the light provided by our LED Eay4Quick® String.



LED Easy4Quick® String


Being an all time classic, our versatile LED Easy4Quick®String can also be used to cover wider areas within a motif.



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