Center Alterlaa

Exterior Lighting

Being a direct neighbor to the “Wohnpark Alterlaa” the Center Alterlaa is not only a highly frequented local supplier, but also attracts walk-in customers due to its superb infrastructure. We were asked to re-design the exterior lighting of the center in order to increase its attractiveness during christmas time even further.

The architecture of the center suggests to frame the graphic contours of the illuminated advertising as well as the window facade with LED Easy4Quick® Fascinating String. Considering the already colorful exterior illuminations we decided to keep the christmas decorations in warm and cold tones of white, giving an elegant look and feel to the lighting.

In addition to these frames, drape light in various dimensions was used. One one hand to integrate the street lighting of the centers parking space into the overall concept, and on the other to further accentuate the entries of the center itself. For example, one of the entrance areas was entirely spanned with drape light. KMC Spheres 3D were added to further emphasize the installation.

KMC Sphere 3D


An absolute eye-catcher: our KMC Sphere 3D in cold white further emphasizes the beauty of the light installation.



Grafische Darstellung der KMC Sphere 3D

LED Easy4Quick® String


Serving as components for made-to-measure drape light, our LED Easy4Quick® String is the ideal complement for many of our products. Thereby we make sure to have the ideal solution for every possible measurement.



Grafische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® String

LED Easy4Quick® Fascinating String


There is no such thing as “too sparkly”. Therefore, our LED Easy4Quick® Fascinating String is so to speak a “String Light Deuxe” – increased points of light for increased christmas spirits!



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