City of Kassel

Best Christmas City 2019

“Best Christmas City” is awarded on an annual basis in line with the “Christmasworld” fair in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2019 we were the lucky winners in the category “City above 100.000 Inhabitants” with our project for the City of Kassel.

The “Königsstraße” is a figurehead for the city, and one of the most well-visited streets during christmas time. Our made-to-measure christmas decoration is for sure an eye-catcher: majestic sky motifs, designed to fit the name of this royal street.

Given the clients request to include the streetname in the design we decided to go for a tailor-made solution. The combination of rope and string light in this project provides a simple yet fancy solution.

LED Easy4Quick® Rope


Our LED Easy4Quick® Rope was used to accentuate the contours of the sky motifs.



Grafische Darstellung von LED Easy4Quick® Rope

LED Easy4Quick® String


To highlight the elegance of the design our LED Easy4Quick® String was used to span the areas with the motif.



Grafische Darstellung des LED Easy4Quick® String

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